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Falling safely is a life skill

Recently the European Judo Union posted the video below on their youtube channel: This video is a terrific animation of the idea that by enrolling your child in Judo, you are teaching them an important life skill. Judo can be thought of in the same way as swimming lessons. You teach your child to swim […]

Weight Loss, Weight cycling, weight management in children doing Judo

As a sport that uses weight categories, it is important that parents understand the risks to health that can potentially affect your child. Judo is a sport where children compete in age and weight based divisions. This is a wonderful thing for many children (and their parents) as it means the physical differences between participants […]

A new year, a time for your kids to try Judo?

As we start 2017, perhaps now is the time for your child to give Judo a try. Better yet, maybe it’s a good time for you to try Judo too? Rather than join a gym (January is when gyms pick up lots of new memberships); how about joining a Judo club instead. Judo is a […]

What qualifications should a Judo coach have?

As a parent, you want to ensure two things when you enroll your child at a Judo club. First that the coach keeps them safe and second that the coach knows what they are doing and can help your child learn, develop and earn their grades and belts. In this post I want to outline […]

The parents role in Judo

Outside the Class: Your role as a parent of a child learning Judo is a varied one. The involvement of one or more parents can be very beneficial to your child, although it can also be detrimental if the involvement is the wrong type. We have all seen a “Pushy Sports Parent”, as have the […]

Back online!

Well, after quite a delay due to the switch between one hosting company and another the site was unavailable for some time… sorry! But all is now working again, a small fix required to get the domain name showing properly but at least now takes you to the site! Expect more articles in the […]