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Judo Injuries

Judo is a contact sport, we pick people up and throw them down on the ground. Although we teach people how to fall, we can not remove all the risks. Injuries happen and as a parent you need to know how to react, what to do to prevent injuries and what to do if your […]

The book project continues.

OK, so everything people say about writing a book is true. It takes ages and even as in my case you are basing it on a blog there is so much to write and it takes a long time and you make lots of mistakes and take ages to “get around” to doing things. Even […]

And then came the book….

The popularity of this little website about Judo aimed at parents has always amazed me. It is a pleasure to receive emails from parents thanking me for some post I wrote that they found valuable. So, I have decided to take the experiment one step further and turn the ideas from this site into a […]

Judo vs. Zombies a short video from the kids at Vale Judo Club.

Below is a short video from the children at Vale Judo Club here in the UK. I love this video! This video is a bit of fun, filmed at the Judo club, by the children in the club. What a great diversion from “normal” lessons this must have been.

Choosing to focus on one sport, a parents guide to specialism in sport.

In this post we shall be exploring the subject of when, why and how a child becomes a specialist in a single sport. We shall discuss some of the reasons it happens, how it happens and the implications that you as a parent need to consider. Choosing one sport. Almost every child involved in sport […]

Judo is not just about Judo.

In this article we shall talk about why (especially with younger children) a Judo class is not solely about Judo and why this is a good thing and something that as a parent you will want to see happening. If your child is attending Judo lessons, some of what they learn will be Judo throws […]

An Introduction to Judo Etiquette

Judo is, as the European Judo Union put it, “More than Sport”. Judo is a mental and physical education where the larger goal is to improve society by improving individuals within that society. And important aspect in achieving this key aim of Judo is the ettiquette and culture of Judo. In this post I want […]

Winning is not everything.

As a parent of a child in Judo, There will come a time when it is suggested that your child enter competitions. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child and may be the start of a long sporting career for them. However, it is important to put the competition element of Judo into context […]

How fast should my child go through the Judo Belts?

A really common question parents ask is how fast their child should progress through the Judo belts. It is a difficult subject to cover, as the answer varies person to person, club to club and belt to belt. In Judo, we have a number of coloured belts which indicate grade. Each club/nation/organisation has a slightly […]

Every Judo journey starts with a first step.

On December 18, 19 & 20th this year (2009), the Hampshire Judo Academy, will with the support of the Hampshire Judo Association be holding a development camp for young Judo athletes from Hampshire. The preparation for the camp is starting in earnest now we have official support from teh association and I, along with the […]