The book project continues.

OK, so everything people say about writing a book is true. It takes ages and even as in my case you are basing it on a blog there is so much to write and it takes a long time and you make lots of mistakes and take ages to “get around” to doing things.

Even so, it have been amazing that three people have already bought the book via LeanPub already! I hope they enjoy it and I really hope they provide some feedback so that I can add, correct and remove content to make the book an even better resource for parents of children in Judo.

I have basically finished removing the blog posts that were included that are not relevant to a book format and done some structural changes. I have also cleaned up a large number of spelling and typing mistakes that come direct from the blog. I have started expanding the BJA Mon grade section as I know that the subject of belts and how to help your child get new belts via the British Judo grading system is an area that people value and that the resources to help are few and not very good at times. Writing the pages it is highlighted to me that this blogs pages on the syllabus are some of the few resources for parents available. As I finish typing up the pages, I will transfer it back into the blog I think so that as well as the book format the web format is available for you.

I would like to ask you all for your assistance, please let me know what content you would appreciate having in a book for parents. If you are a Judo coach, what would you want parents to know when they come along to the club? If you are a parent, what do you wish you knew before you took your child along for the first time? What did you learn early on? What advice do you give other parents?

I shall try and include (and reference you if you would like that) all the advice and tidbits of information you all share. It all goes towards making the book a great resource for other parents, so please add your two cents worth!


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  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Lance, are you still writing the book? I see you are over 40%. Should be a good book 🙂

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