And then came the book….

The popularity of this little website about Judo aimed at parents has always amazed me. It is a pleasure to receive emails from parents thanking me for some post I wrote that they found valuable. So, I have decided to take the experiment one step further and turn the ideas from this site into a book about Judo for parents.

I have started by importing the content from this site into the book and am re-writing it and adding to it to craft a good set of pages for your enjoyment.

I have also decided to use LeanPub to write and publish the book.
LeanPub lets me do some really cool stuff. Firstly it takes care of most of the tricky stuff like formatting to specific layout and allows me to just write. It also allows me to easily publish to ebook format which allows me to publish early for you and to give you free updates as I revise the book based on your input.

It also lets you pay what you think the book is worth. On LeanPub you can buy the ebook at whatever price you think you should pay, which is useful for you and me. You get to pay a reasonable price and I learn what the price people think the book is worth. Once we are all done, I will also publish in paper form.

So, please take a look at the book over at buy a copy if you’d like to. Comment on the book and watch me revise the book to cater for what you say; you’ll get the updates for free of course. The more people comment on this blog and on the book and the netter the book will be in the end!


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