Tieing your childs Judo belt.

It is a quetsion we get all the time in Judo, how to tie the belt. There are two common methods, one that Kid’s can usually get straight away and another way that holds the belt more securely that Mums and Dads can do. If you can learn to this it’ll help you club coach as tieing and re-tieing belts really soaks up the minutes of the class.

So here are the two videos, the first is the childrens method and after that the more advanced method for parents. They are shown from the perspective of the person wearing the belt… sorry.

Childrens Judo Belt Knot:

Adults Judo belt knot:

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  1. alex says:

    Thanks a lot for these helpful videos.Finally I found something useful about judo online.Since I have some quesions regarding judo training for my kids, I would like you to give me a permission to ask you some questions. Thank you in advance, concerned mother of two judo players.

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