Best Judo books and DVDs for Children.

JudoIf your child is getting to love Judo, they will want Judo books and and DVDs. In this post a small selection of the better ones to buy is provided. These books have been selected both on the quality of the book and on the relevance to children in Judo.


Kodokan Judo

This is a must have book for any Judo person. Kodokan Judo is a well illustrated reference book for all the key elements of traditional Judo. It has descriptions and pictures that will help your child learn Judo. There is a historical information and much more. Not a light read, or aimed at children, but an essential book. If the text is too hard the pictures are still useful.
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The Fighting Spirit of Judo

This book by the great Japanese Judo Champion Yamashita Yasuhiro is inspirational reading for the older child (teenager).
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50 Great Judo Champions

This book by Nicholas Soames and Late Simon Hicks is an excellent source of motivation for many young Judo players.
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Competitive Judo

this book by Ron Angus is proving to be a popular resource for players and coaches alike.
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Judo:  A sport and a way of life

Is a great resource covering a wide variety of Judo ideas and people. No Judo techniques included, just short articles on various aspects of Judo. It is written by David Matsumoto a very respected name in international Judo.
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Judo: The Essential Guide to Mastering the Art

This is a popular book for younger Judo players
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The History Of Judo

This is an excellent DVD that covers the history of Judo, perhaps a bit biased towards the European and Fremch view of Judo history, but a fine DVD for any child interest in where Judo comes from.
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Judo Techniques of the Masters

is a increasingly popular DVD, although I must confess I have not seen it.
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Akira Kurosawa’s Sugata Sanshiro

This 1943, black and white film in Japanese by the legendary film directory Akira Kurosawa is probably rather heavy going for most people, but is fascinating viewing if you can sit it out. It shows a view of how Judo was perceived as being and what it’s history was from a Japanese 1940’s viewpoint. the Judo is not what modern players would recognise at all!
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