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Our previous entry on Judo Organisations mentioned the importance we place on sending your child to a club that is a member of a appropriate regional/national/international structure.


This was basically a primer for this entry, on what you as a parent should be looking for in a Judo club for your child. The easiest way to find a club, if word of mouth ha snot already allowed you to find one is to contact your national body and ask them where the closest club is.




 Technical things to look for include as hinted at above, things like what affiliations the club has, what qualifications the coaches have, etc.


It is well worth contacting your national body and checking that the club you are interested is registered with them. Membership to national bodies generally requires meeting some minimum requirements, which is important.


If calling the national body is not possible, or you’d rather just speak to the club, ask them. A good club will happily tell you what their affiliations are.


Ask them also about the qualifications of the coaches and who the registered first aider is. (This is often the same person).


Have a conversation with the coach, talk to them about their approach to coaching children your childs age. Make sure you are comfortable with there approach. Ask them how fees are paid and about membership to the national body for your child. As a general rule of thumb, good clubs will not demand too much from you immediately.


Next, talk with some of the other parents at the club.

Their attitudes and reactions are often a good indicator to the clubs overall culture, be sure you are comfortable with these people. If they share you rough values and attitudes, the chances are that your family will be compatible with the clubs culture.


Next, watch a session (or two).

Even if you are not familiar with Judo you should be able to see if the children in the class are having fun(good sign), if they are getting hurt(bad sign), if they are learning. You will soon develop an awareness of the coach’s “style” and once again can decide if it is compatible with what you are wanting for your child.


If you feel comfortable with what you have seen and heard, then this may be the club for you. If not, then try elsewhere if possible.



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