So your daughter (or son) is starting Judo, welcome to the global Judo family!


Judo is terrific fun, it’s great exercise, a fun sport, great self-defense, good for for discipline and all round development for the mind and body. It has a wonderful social aspect and Judo has become a integral part of many many thousands of peoples lives.


Your child is just starting down the road to becoming a Judo black belt and is starting where we all did once upon a time, with the first Judo classes. There is so much to learn, it can be very confusing and scary for both your child and for you.


As a parent, you can make starting and sticking to Judo easier for your child. You can help them learn the right things, the right way and have fun all the while. This site has been created to assist you, the parent, to help your child enter and stay in the Judo Dojo (room where we do Judo).


We shall start, just where your child has to start, at the beginning. We will try and give you all the information you need to choose the right club and the right instructor. We shall try and give you enough information about Judo to be able to answer your child’s questions.


We will show you what to expect and what not to expect. What to accept and what to reject. Hopefully we will give you enough information to help your child, you, the club and the club instructor to integrate together in a positive, enjoyable, lifelong way!


As always, if you have a question, email


 – Lance Wicks


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